The consortium of Aftab-e-Novin Adavat Sazan Company and idin Industrial and Industrial Group is equipped with molding, machining and parts manufacturing unit in collaboration with French designers in polymer, metal forming, rubber and casting. Now, after half a century of industrial production, we are proud to be the first and only manufacturer of all railroad and railroad pavement equipment in the country. Due to the high demand in the bedding industries, the company first produces, supplies and imports all kinds of bolts, gaskets and fillers as well as towing and chains for the oil and gas industries, electricity and telecommunications distribution network, buildings and ... Put it on his agenda. The need for serious attention to the rail transport in the country, the necessity of developing the railway lines and the benefits of its development, as well as the potential of the rail network in the country has made the company employing experienced engineers and experts, skilled technicians and workers. The application of new technologies in 2002 with the aim of meeting the needs of the rail industry in the country will be active in the field of production of pipes and rail fittings.


Bolts Production, import and distribution

Manufacturer of special bolts and nuts used in various industries in accordance with international standards such as (ASTM, DIN, ISO & ...) Production of bolts and nuts of oil, gas, petrochemical, metro, electricity distribution companies, telecommunications And ... producing all kinds of Ubolt, Incarbolt, State Bolt, two-threaded screws, trapezoidal gear screws, all kinds of crepes, production of all kinds of meter screws, and production of different nuts

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